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Irish Ferries, a renowned operator on the Dublin-Holyhead route, offers travelers a comfortable and efficient crossing between Dublin and the United Kingdom. Their fleet, boasting modern amenities and reliable services, ensures a pleasant journey for passengers and vehicles alike.

With a selection of crossings daily, Irish Ferries caters to early risers and those preferring later departures. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with the scenic beauty of the Irish Sea, makes the voyage a popular choice for tourists and locals seeking a convenient link between these two vibrant destinations.

Irish Ferries Dublin-Holyhead timetable

Dublin & Holyhead terminals

Dublin-Holyhead Vessels

Irish Ferries is currently operating on this route with the following ferries: Ulysses, Norbay, Dublin Swift

Photos of the Dublin Swift

Photos of the Ulysses

Latest sailing updates

Any cancellations and delays can be found on the Irish Ferries page with the latest sailing updates. Additionally, keep an eye on their social media channels, such as X (Twitter), for more information.

Live sailing updates

Dublin / Holyhead

Connecting Dublin to the UK with reliable ferry services, ferries from Ireland to Wales and Britain. Explore our the possible ferry routes.