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Holyhead PORT

Situated at the northwest tip of Wales, Holyhead serves as a  transport hub for travelers from Ireland to the United Kingdom. This bustling port town is renowned for its efficient ferry services.

For travelers from Ireland, Holyhead serves as a convenient arrival point with its accessibility via various transportation methods, including train and road, seamlessly connecting to the broader UK transport network.

Google Maps port address

Holyhead LL65 1DJ, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Arrival in Holyhead

Arriving in Holyhead offers a distinctly different experience compared to departing from the bustling metropolis of Dublin. In contrast to Dublin’s extensive urban landscape, Holyhead is a much smaller and quieter village, which one can quickly leave. Just a few turns take you onto the A55, also known as the North Wales Expressway, leading directly to Chester before transitioning into the motorway towards Liverpool.

Moreover, Holyhead provides convenient rail connections to various cities in Britain, including a direct train service to London, which takes approximately four hours. This efficient rail network makes traveling without a car quite appealing, especially for those arriving via ferry and looking to explore the UK further.

Train from Holyhead Ferry Port

Holyhead boasts excellent transport links with the rest of the United Kingdom, providing a gateway to explore the nation.

For those looking to travel by train, National Rail is an invaluable resource, offering comprehensive information on various train connections. Through National Rail, travelers can easily find and book the most suitable train routes, connecting Holyhead with major cities and regions across the UK.

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