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Dublin PORT

Dublin, as Ireland’s bustling capital, serves a crucial role as a major ferry port, acting as a vgateway between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Its well-equipped ferry terminals facilitate seamless connections, particularly to Holyhead, making it a key link in the transportation network across the Irish Sea.

Traveling to Dublin ferry port by car

The Dublin ferry port, conveniently located near the city center, offers easy access for cars and motorists. Its prime location and excellent connectivity establish it as a preferred departure point for those traveling to the United Kingdom. The journey from the downtown area to the port is a brief 7 km drive, making it very accessible for city dwellers.

For those approaching Dublin from the north or east, outside the city, the M1 ring road is the key route. It connects to a toll tunnel that provides a direct path to the ferry port, effectively avoiding city traffic. This route is a significant time-saver and a convenient option for travelers en route to the port.

Google Maps Port Address

North Dock, Dublin, Ierland

Long Stay Parking Dublin Terminal

Dublin Port does not offer a reservation system for parking. All parking spaces at Terminal 1 (Irish Ferries) and Terminal 2 (Stena-Line) operate on a ‘Pay and Display’ basis.

Availability of parking spaces is generally good at both terminals, with Terminal 1 typically having more spaces due to its larger size.

The parking fees are set at €9.00 for a 24-hour period or €50.00 for a 7-day duration.

Public Transport to Dublin Ferry Port

In Holyhead, there is a train station adjacent to the port, providing an easy way to travel further into England. This makes it an attractive option to use public transport to get to the Dublin port. After all, you can save quite a bit by not taking a car on board.

Although it would be very convenient, unfortunately, you cannot take a train directly to the Dublin port. However, Connolly Station is close to the port. From there, you can catch bus 53, which stops at Terminal 1 Irish Ferries).

Buses to the Terminal 1 & 2

Terminal 1

To travel from Dublin’s city center to Ferry Terminal 1 (Irish Ferries), you can frequently take Bus 53. This bus also makes a stop at Connolly Station en route to the terminal.

Terminal 2

For passengers departing on Stena Line ferries, it is recommended to book the dedicated bus service provided by Stena Line, which can be reserved along with your ferry tickets. Please be aware that Bus 53 does not serve Ferry Terminal 2 (Stena Line). Nonetheless, the terminal is accessible by a short walk of just over 10 minutes for those arriving at this location.

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